Amorphous dolomite is already known for dairy cows and broilers farmers. The effects of DELCAMAG of increasing the milk production are already famous and verified by the leading farmers in Romania. Last year, amorphous dolomite of Delnice reached 1,000 farms in Romania who have chosen to use the product with immediate effect – increasing the daily amount of milk fat and broilers’ weight. DELCAMAG reached the farms in Israel and Denmark and is know for its high content of calcium and magnesium, vital substances for animal health. Encouraged by the constant use of DELCAMAG in farms, the owner of this product decided to test the product in his own garden. He used DELCAMAG since last year on tomato crops, carrots, eggplants, onions, zucchini, sunflower and corn. “The amorphous dolomite of Delnice can be used throughout the year, preferably in autumn and spring.

I used it in autumn, because in winter the process is more effective as the ground absorbs the dolomite throughout the snow. Also, the magnesium strengthens the strain and makes it durable in winter” says Mrs. Maria Mihoc.

The results are immediate and strongly visible. Cucumbers, carrots, celery and zucchini are double in size compared to those last year, the sunflower and corn have grown higher. “Who has ever seen such large vegetable in October? Our garden looks on the 6th of November more beautiful than ever, and that, without a splash or use of fertilizers. For two years, I haven’t used garden manure and in the summer months we dindn’t even have to water” says Mrs. Mihoc.

Those who used DELCAMAG said that fruits and the differences can be seen with the happeened with vegetables, which increased more than in previous years and are very healty.

Emilian Rus, priest at Bixad monastery of Satu Mare, used dolomite this year for his garden of vegetables and for his fruit trees. “Apple, plum, peach and garden brushes have never been so beautiful. This year the apples grew better and are spotless and the garden had not been sprayed for mildew. We made 200 liters of broth from a very small area that I cultivated tomato in” says the priest. Apples and pears are healthier than ever and are definetely much tastier. It can be seen with the naked eye that are double in size than the ones that were not treated with DELCAMAG.

“This year’s fruit harvest was not good in our area. This is our general situation: in one year you have a great fruit harvest, in the next year you deal with a poor one. Since we use DELCAMAG, there is no year without fruits. ” added the priest.

DELCAMAG advantages are recognized by all who have used it at least one in the garden, both vegetables and fruit trees.

It is 100% natural. Amorphous dolomite of Delnice is a product that does not contain any chemical element. It is extracted directly from soil and is unique in the world for its amorphous form. The main advantage is that it can be used without restriction for organic crops. “You can eat healthy, grow what you desire and know what you eat” says Mrs. Maria Mihoc.

It’s cheap – One kilogram of Delnice dolomite costs 1 euro and it’s sold with a bag of 40 kg.

You don’t need other fertilizer. Farmers who have used so far DELCAMAG in the vegetable garden and fruit trees claim that there was no need to use other fertilizers.

Use it at every 3 years. It is enough to use DELCAMAG once and during three years you can see its effects. At normal fruit trees is recommended to use 2 – 3 kg of DEL-CA-MAG, whereas for vegetables, the recommended amount is of 3 tons per hectare. “I used 5 kg of DELCAMAG at a row of vegetables. That means a 300 sqm garden would need 80 kg” says Maria Mihoc. The investment is small since there is no need for this product more than once every three years, without reducing its main effects.

Immediate effect. One of the most important advantages of DELCAMAG is its visible and fast effects. Most farmers have noticed substantial results from the first harvest treated with Delnice dolomite: trees are greener and have healthier leaves, and fruits have no spotts. As far as vegetables are concerned, you can easily see the difference between cultures treated with DELCAMAG and the neighbor’s culture.

Zucchini, carrots, onion and garlic grow healthier and are larger in size compared to previous years when it was not used DELCAMAG. The high concentration of calcium and magnesium of the product is designed to reduce the negative effects of treating the soil with chemical fertilizers.

It is certified by studies. DELCAMAG (amorphous Dolomite of Delnice) is a unique mineral in the world, with a concentration of over 30% calcium and about 20% of magnesium, vital substances of crop health. The beneficial effects of dolomite were evaluated by a team of researchers from the National Research and Development Institute of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Environment Protection – ICPA Bucharest. According to them, the use of DELCAMAG increases the crop yields by 30%.

” The study of dolomite deposit documentary on the dolomite deposit from Delnice its importance for agriculture “. conducted by ICPA, show that dolomite is 100% natural solution that can be used to increase productivity for a range of crops important to the economy of Romania, such as fruit trees, potato or grapes. According to the above study, using dolomite as calcium and magnesium intake for crop soils give them resistance to breaking and falling, through its key role in the development of the root system and steams.

Offers protection of drought and pests. “Delnice dolomite maintains calcium mineral longer in fruit pulp, ensuring their resistance to preservation and induction of positive effects in plant resistance to pests and diseases attack” states the study of ICPA Bucharest. Researchers say that dolomite can be used to fill the need for magnesium, as an amendament to correct soil acidity, with better effects than calcium carbonate, especially for cultures that do not support calcium excess, such as potatoes, flax or celery. Results are confirmed by farmers. Those who used DELCAMAG in their garden say that this year had no damage caused by pests as it happened in other years. “I used DELCAMAG in the vegetable garden last year and the results are clearly visible. Onions and garlic are greener and healthier and carrots and zucchini were not affected by pests. Using dolomite helped the water retain in the soil and I managed to get through the severe drought this year ” says Maria Mihoc.

Using DELCAMAG as a dietary supplement based on calcium and magnesium is already tested by farmers across the country. Studies results show that feeding cattle cows with DELCAMAG, increases productivity by 1.5 liters of milk per day, per cow feed and improves fat content of at least 0.5 grams.

Also, on calves was noticed an increase of 26% more than normal. On broilers, the product has brought significant changes in body weight, which is higher by 3.75% at the age of 14 days, 4.01% at the age of 28 days and by 4.18% at 42 days. In terms of average daily gain growth, it was by 4.25%.

Grounded dolomite contains the following physical and chemical characteristics:

- magnesia, minimum 18%
- lime, minimum 28%
- CaCO3 + MgCO3 – minimum 92%

Method of administration :

Cows : 175 grams / day . Vital : 120 grams / day.
Broilers : 2 grams / day .
Pigs between 15 and 40 kg : 40 grams / day
Pigs over 40 kg : 75 grams / day
Sheep : 50 grams / day


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