DEL-CA-MAG for fruits.


Description and Administration:


- It is enough to put DEL-CA-MAG once and for 3 years you can see its effects.


-At fructiferous trees it is recommended for the farmers to use 2-3 kgs,and for the vegetables the recommended amount is 3 tons per hectare. ” I used 5 kgs of DELCAMAG at a row of vegetables. That means that at a garden of 300 sm,there would be 80 kgs of product needed ” adds Maria Mihoc. The investment is a small one compared to the advantages,and it is needed to be used only once at 3 years,without having the effects diminished.

- One of the advantages in using DEL-CA-MAG is that the effects are visible. Most farmers noticed the effects from their first harvest after using dolomite: the trees had greener,healthier leafs,and the fruits had no black spots;when it comes to vegetables the difference between your cult that was treated with DEL-CA-MAG and the crops of your neighbors is visible with your own eyes. Pumpkin,carrot,onion, and the garlic they all grow healthier and bigger in dimension compared to the previous years when DEL-CA-MAG wasn`t used.The big amount of calcium and magnesium has the role to descrease the negative effects produced  by the previous treating of the soil with other fertilizers.

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